Friendly Robin by Jacqueline Nash

As mentioned in the poem yesterday called Sanctuary; the garden is a wonderful place to find a little peace and tranquillity. I thought I would share this photo of a plaque I have on the wall in my garden. The plaque reads:

A quiet time in a quiet place; a daily need for a moment’s grace.


I find working in the garden to be very relaxing and therapeutic. When the job is finished it is so rewarding and you can then enjoy the results of your labour. This is a little poem I wrote after doing some digging in the garden accompanied by a little robin red breast.


Friendly Robin

Whilst digging in the garden,
deep in thought and activity,
Robin red breast hops towards me
and he keeps me company.

As I chat to robin red breast
he cocks his head onto one side,
he hangs onto each word spoken,
to robin red breast I confide.

Little bird so bold and brave,
hopping here and hopping there.
Little bird so very friendly,
there is no bird that can compare.

Where the earth has been disturbed
he searches for his tasty prize.
With worm in beak he’s very happy,
he spreads his wings and off he flies.  ©

Photograph by Jacqueline Nash

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